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Asgard Doghouse French Bulldogs

Purchasing a puppy from 
Asgard Doghouse

*Please take the time to read:

Asgard Doghouse French Bulldog puppies are sold with a Limited AKC registration (you can't breed them) for $4500 (our cream and blue fawn puppies are $5000).  There are times when Full AKC registration is offered for a puppy, the price of the puppy is then $6500.  Our parents are all genetically health tested before we breed them. 

Occasionally we may have a puppy that is priced higher than normal.  This may be due to the puppy's lineage or the puppy being exceptional.  We may also have a puppy that is lower than our normal.  This may be due to the age of the puppy.  
Our prices are firm and we do not negotiate on the price of our puppies.  
We require a $500.00 deposit to be on the waiting list.  This deposit is non refundable unless a puppy is not available from your chosen litter.

We require meeting people in person who are interested in adopting a puppy from us.  This can be at the time you do your puppy pick, pick up day, or before if time allows.   


Our dogs are family members. They sleep in our beds and are in the house, not outside in kennels.  We want our babies to go to families who want to add a family member.  We want our babies to be loved, cherished and protected.  


Unfortunately we have not felt comfortable with someone and refused to sell a puppy to that person.  So we don't just blindly sell our puppies to anyone.   If you are so concern that you can't meet us in person then you wouldn't be able to get a puppy from us, since you have to come to our home, sit in the same room with us and complete paperwork, at minimum.      
Our waiting list for a puppy pick is based on whose deposit we had first, second, third and so on.  So it won't matter how old the puppies are when you put your deposit down, it depends when we received your deposit for your position on the waiting list. Our puppy pick day is normally around 6 weeks old when there personalities are coming out and they have received their first vaccination.  We allow you to meet with the babies for an hour to make your pick.  

The puppies will have a vet check at 8 weeks with a fecal exam and be dewormed and current on all vaccinations and microchipped before they are allowed to go home.  

Our puppies go home between the ages of 8-12 weeks.  This is solely dependent on the maturity of the puppy.  We want to give the baby the best chance to transition into their new home and maturity is part of that process.  There are times when we will allow a puppy to leave at 8 weeks if the puppy is ready.   

We offer a 1 year health guarantee for genetic issues and 2 years with the puppy is on NuVet Canine Supplements.

If you have questions please contact us and I would be happy to chat with you either in person, by text or on the phone.
​Payments are Cash or Credit Card (credit card transaction have a 3% convenience fee added)  If you are paying with a Credit Card your name on your government issued photo ID must match the name on the card.  



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