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New Puppy Going Home Suggestions

We want you new baby to thrive and we have some suggestions that have worked for us that we will share with you.  There will be the description as well as a link on where to find it.  

harness- Frenchiestore.png

Harness for Walking

We use the Frenchiestore

Your new baby should have a collar for their ID tag but when walking your baby we highly suggest using a harness.  We love the reversible ones so we have options to show off their style.

Noble Beast .png

Training is Essential

Your new Frenchie baby is adorable and funny, but it is essential that you socialize your baby and set boundaries early.  Puppy class is a must for this breed.  They are smart and pick up on new habits, both good and bad quickly.  We highly recommend Noble Beast Dog training in the Denver Area.  They also provide a voucher for Asgard Doghouse Frenchie Babies to get started.
*You will receive a voucher when you pick up your pup.   

muffin tin game for dogs.png

Dogs can get bored and they need something that will keep them busy.  Use this muffin/cupcake tin and use puppy food to get them learning how to use their nose . 

quick dog jacket.png

You can make your baby's sweater our of an old sweatshirt.  They love the softness and it's comfortable for them to wear when it's chilly 

hide and seek.jpeg

Playing Hide and Seek with your puppy will not only teach them to come when you call, but they learn to look and smell for you.  When they find you reward them with a treat and praise.  Puppy food as a treat until they are at least 12 weeks

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