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Available Babies

updated on February 28, 2024 at 2:50 PM

Asgard Doghouse has litters planned for winter and 2024.  Since we don't have any babies right now we are sharing our breeder friend's babies that are available. 

Steve is located in MO but has a puppy flight nanny that can transport your new baby in the cabin with her. 

Able  - $4000
Cash - $4000

Steve also just had another litter.  

If you are interested in one of Steve's babies let me know.

Rebecca is located in CO 
She just had some litters recently that will be looking for their forever homes.  Her babies are $3500 
If you are interested in one of Rebecca's babies let me know.
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Upcoming Litters

We have French Bulldog puppies coming soon and litters planned.

*Please read "Buying a Puppy" page to see our process and then contact to get on our waiting list.

**Photos of males on the Stud page


Upcoming Litter  2024

Ember and Brisbee

babies should be either blue, black (with brindle markings), and merles 

*Planning on a March 23rd dur date


Upcoming litter 2024

Izzy and Brisbee 

babies should be fawn and black (with brindle markings)

*In heat now.


Upcoming litter 2024

Elle and Louie GrumpyPants

 We are so excited for this pairing.  Elle has some growing to still do.  This litter will not be until Spring/Summer 2024


Upcoming litter 2024

Mila and Sire (TBD)

 Oh my goodness, this girl out of Louie GrumpyPants and Izzy is spectacular.  Mila still has growing to do.   This litter will not be until Spring/Summer 2024


Upcoming litter 2024

Willow and Louie Grumpypants

 We are excited for this marvelous lilac to grow up.  With her looks and personality her babies should be amazing.  

This litter will not be until Spring/Summer 2024

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