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Oh Louie! Don't Be A Richard

Some of you are wondering why this phrase for Louie GrumpyPants. Well Louie can be a real d!@k. The origins of why this is are no fault of his own.

A little about Louie. Louie is four years old (2021) and by dog years he still has a long life ahead of him. Louie came to his new home in 2019. This new home was filled with two adults and three dogs. There was Sampson the Labrador that wants nothing to do with anyone that can't throw a ball. Luna the Frenchie Princess who gets anything and everything she wants. Apollo, the Frenchie who wants to protect everyone from the unknown monsters in the house and especially in the bathroom (he will follow you everywhere and keep post).

Louie seemed a little reserved when he arrived. Rightfully so when entering an established pack. It didn't take long to figure out Louie didn't know his name, didn't know how to play with other dogs, wasn't potty trained and obviously didn't spend a lot of time in the house. If his former owner did have him in the house it must have been in a crate since that is where he wanted to be. We set up a crate and Louie ran into it. It was a safe space for him.

Louie was a d!@k to all the dogs. If they were playing, he would get anxious and go after them. If they were trying to get close to us, then he would get protective and try to bite them to keep them away from us. Louie wanted the sole attention and affection. We could see it in Louie's face. It would change from a soft and gentle look to pissed off. The facial expressions were undeniable (like Vicki's Logic). If Louie had to behave and hold in his anxiety he would start to shake. The mission (if we choose to accept) was to give Louie the best home possible and teach him to live in a home with other dogs that he has to share with.

If you haven't figured out, we decided we were up to the challenge but first was going to be a name change. Since Louie didn't know his name, we decided now is the perfect time to change it. I wanted to call him Kevin. I thought it would be funny to call for him yelling "Kevin, come here!". I was out voted. We need a name that would fit his personality and Big Louie was it. It didn't take long for Louie to come to his name. It is amazing the power of treats. No, not really... I am all for positive reinforcement.

Our life with Louie is enriching, stressful, comical, patience testing and down right amazing. Louie isn't the only dog in the house, but he is the dog that people seem to fall in love with at first interaction.

This blog will be about our life with Louie and his pack and how we get through some d!@k behaviors and situations. How we learn from Louie and his behavior not only applies to dogs but people too. The reality is Don't be a Richard. Be better. Be the Difference.

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